Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers from investors.

  • What are the initiatives and products of Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) under the Coronavirus pandemic?

    • Restructuring loan installments that fall due in 2020 for:
         - Small and medical enterprises
         - Medium enterprises
    • Supporting operating expenses of SIDF clients in the SME sector (for a period of up to 3 months).
    • Supporting raw material expenses for the medical supplies and pharmaceuticals sector (for a period of up to 6 months).
  • How to apply for a restructuring of loan installments?

    Eligible installments that fall due in 2020 will be restructured automatically.
  • What is the goal of supporting the operating expenses of SMEs?

    The objective of restructuring the operating expenses of SMEs is bolstering them during the Covid-19 emergency and lessening their financing burdens.
  • Is the raw material expenses support allocated for the medical supplies and pharmaceuticals sector available for SIDF’s current clients only?

    No. The factories operating in the medical supplies and pharmaceuticals sector can apply for support regardless of their past relationship with SIDF.
  • Which sectors are not financed by SIDF?

    Non-commercially feasible industrial sectors in the local market, or those that are not currently financed by SIDF.
  • How come some sectors are no longer financed?
    For several reasons such as local market self-sufficiency and low demand on the sector’s products.

  • What is the reason behind requesting creditworthiness?
    To assess the financial ability that supports the project's owner in addition to proving the borrower's ability to fully commit to the payment schedule during the loan period.

  • Does SIDF accept creditworthiness sponsorship?
    No, creditworthiness should be for the owners of the company/establishment

  • Are there branches of SIDF outside Riyadh?
    No, there are no branches outside Riyadh.

  • What are the steps to obtain a non-borrowing certificate?
    To obtain a non-borrowing certificate, please visit Click Here

  • Does SIDF have certified consulting firms to conduct feasibility studies?
    SIDF Does not have certified consulting firms to conduct feasibility studies.

  • What are the guarantees requested by SIDF?
    Such guarantees are determined by SIDF experts according to the appraisal.

  • Which projects are financed by SIDF?
    SIDF finances most of the licenced industrial sectors in the Kingdom as well as logistics, mining and renewable energy.

  • What are the main requirements to apply for an industrial loan?
    The client must provide the essential legal documents including commercial registration and industrial licence in addition to submitting a creditworthiness covering the amount of the loan.
    For more details please visit Financial Products page on SIDF website.

  • Does SIDF finance foreign investors?
    Yes, if they have a licence issued from the Ministry of Investment and the essential requirements are fulfilled